• To provide tutoring and guidance to children from grades 6th through 12th in basic math, science, grammar, and life-management skills, which will greatly enhance their chances of securing an aeronautical sciences degree curriculum scholarship.
  • To provide scholarships to financially or socially disadvantaged young Americans, to assist them in the pursuit of a professional aeronautical sciences degree and relative career in the American Aviation Industry.
  • To provide an apprenticeship program for our student candidates, supported by the American Aviation Industry, so that students can earn, while they learn from industry professionals.
  • To provide mentoring to our aeronautical sciences student candidates by aviation & education professionals.
  • To provide career placement services that would assist any new graduate in the attainment of their chosen career path.
  • To promote existing role models who have utilized the American Aviation Industry & the opportunities afforded to them by this country, as examples of what young Americans can do when they direct their talents, intelligence, and perseverance at a positive goal, regardless of their social or financial circumstances.
  • To help break the cycle of poverty, violence, & hopelessness that is so pervasive in some of our poorer neighborhoods by providing the tools, education, and mentoring necessary to do so.
  • To promote interest & involvement in the American Aviation Industry, aviation industry related careers, and aviation as a sport.

Capital Projects

Our Vision is to build a fully – integrated, foundation facility that would incorporate;

  • Aeronautical Sciences University Main Campus, consisting of classroom instruction, lecture halls, laboratories, administrative offices, & conference rooms.
  • Blackhawk Flight Foundation American Aviation History Museum (fixed-base).
  • Blackhawk Flight Foundation American Aviation History Museum (mobile).
  • Blackhawk Flight Foundation Maintenance Support Facility.
  • Blackhawk Flight Foundation American Aviation History Flight Demonstration Team