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The Mathematics of Flight

Distance,…speed,…altitude,…time,…radio frequencies,…fuel burn,…navigation,…runway length,…all basic math,…no pilot is ever let near an aircraft, without knowing their math facts first,…as in flying, so it is in life,…you can’t get airborne without it!

The Language of Flight

English is the global language of aviation. If you can’t communicate in a clear, precise, English language, you probably won’t make it in the world of aviation / aeronautical science,… or in the world of international business.

The Science of Flight

The simple laws of physics & chemistry that allow an aircraft to fly & keep airborne,…can also be applied to a lot of the same scientific laws which govern our daily lives.

Life Management Skills

The same skills that are used to manage major coporations, are also used on a much lesser scale, to organize 7 control an individual’s life & destiny. Common sense, logic, work ethics, honesty, values, & basic math, science, language & organizational skills will put your life on the track to scucess.

Aviation Career Apprenticeship Programs

Earn while you learn, from the professionals that are already doing it. Combine practical, hands-on experience with the academic knowledge needed to be a success in the aviation industry & business world in general.