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Have you seen the National Flight Academy’s virtual tour?

Airport Business

Air & Space Smithsonian

Aircraft Owners & Pilots’ Association

AOPA Project Pilot

Aircrat Maintenance Technology Society

Black Pilots of America

Civil Air Patrol

Disabled American Veterans’ Association

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Experimental Aircraft Association

EAA Young Eagles

Flight Journal

Flight Training / AOPA

Flying Magazine

HMM-262 VVA (Flying Tigers)

International Black Aerospace Council

Kitplanes Magazine

Marine Corps Aviation Association

Medium Helicopter Squadron – 262’HMM-262

Organization of Black Airline Pilots

Pop-A-Smoke (Combat Air Crew Association)

Private Air

Soaring Society of America

Reno National Championship Air Races & Air Show

Rocket Racing League

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Warbird Digest