All evil people need to succeed,… is for good people to do nothing.

Would you spend $1.00 to
save the American flag?

Help us send a message to the world,…that the American Flag is not a tool of hate to be destroyed by fire,…but a symbol of freedom & real hope for mankind.

Several months ago, the song, “I See Red”, written by Nashville hit
country music writers Gary Duffy & Angela Commons, was given to
Blackhawk Flight Foundation, to be used as a theme song for one of
our fundraising projects, the Blackhawk Broken Hearts Tour.

Our goal is to raise $95,000, to produce “I See Red” as a country music video, with the song being recorded by a well-known, star-quality, country music singer, to counter the liberal insanity that is consuming our country.

We’re asking for your help by donating $1.00 to help
fund the fight against those that would destroy
America & all the good things it stands for.

Help us to preserve a country,… a flag,… and the freedom
that was paid for in blood,… paid for in red.

The power point attached below speaks for itself.
It’s good,…but with your help we can make it a lot better.

It was born from the spirit, heart & blood of American Patriots who were
willing to risk all they had to free themselves from a tyrant’s oppressive grip,…

It was immortalized in the words of our National Anthem in 1812,…

It held our Nation together & helped bind the wounds
to bring us back from the precipice of death in 1865,…

It was planted on the top of a dormant volcano mountain top on Iwo Jima in 1945,
where almost 7,000 United States Marines paid for every grain of sand with their lives,…
to end a tyrannical madman’s dream of world domination & enslavement.

It rose from the burning ashes of the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001,
after the worst attack on American soil by an enemy since December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor,…

It stands guard over our fallen Heroes buried in Arlington,…

It drapes the coffins of our fallen Veterans who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom,…
& then it is given to their parents, wives, mothers, fathers, & children,
as the only reminder of what they have lost & the true price of that freedom.

It is the only flag of any nation on the planet Earth,…to be planted on the moon,…
& is still there today,…

& it represents the only nation in the world that people from
oppressed nations around the world are still,… literally,…dying to get into.

Why would you want to destroy such a symbol of hope to all mankind?