A major part of the Blackhawk Flight Foundation mission, is to obtain training for tomorrow’s aviators in the skills & knowledge that it will take to be successful in the aviation / aeronautical sciences industry. That takes experience & training in the same types of aircraft, under the guidance & instruction of a qualified flight instructor, as they will receive in a real world environment. The cost of this service far exceeds the limits of our foundation’s budget @ this point in time.

Blackhawk has been very fortunate in developing sponsorships that make their aircraft, & their corporate pilots / instructor pilots, available to train our potential scholarship recipients in the operation of corporate jet aircraft. Cari Consulting, LLC & Branson Services, LLC, have graciously made their corporate Pilatus PC-12NG corporate turboprop aircraft available to us for this mission. To date, they have donated 19.6 hours of flight time & instruction time by their corporate pilot, Walter Gamard, to help “train-the-trainer” & some of our more promising students.

Performance / Specs
The Pilatus PC-12 NG is all about performance, versatility and economy. It provides the maximum return for every dollar invested. It represents a great combination of capacity, amenity, speed, range and performance – made all the more compelling by the modest acquisition and operating costs.

Special Missions
When it comes to Special Mission capability it is hard to beat the PC-12 NG. One acquisition provides for serious multi-role versatility. While its surveillance package will identify targets, its passenger and cargo capability can transport personnel and equipment cost effectively in pressurized comfort. Airborne command and control, search and rescue and incident response are all part of the PC-12 NG’s reconfigurable design. The PC-12 NG also excels at air medical missions. Its pressurized 330 cubic feet cabin can accommodate up to three patients in addition to life support equipment and medical personnel.

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