Midsouth Business Systems Veterans Day Program

From June 6th, 1944, the D-Day landing on the beaches @ Normandy,… to the Inchon Landing during the Korean War,…the Seige of Khe Sahn, the mountainous jungles of Ashau Valley, & the Battle for Hue City in Vietnam,…to the first Gulf War in Kuwait & Iraq,…& the present war against the Islamic terrorist extremists in Iraq & Afghanistan,…the 4 American Combat Veterans above, represent well over ½ of a century of duty & service to the United States of America.

Command Sergeant Major Alan “Duke” Simmons, USAR, retired, (far right) was the CMDSgtMaj, & highest, senior most enlisted NCO on the General Colin Powell’s staff during the first Gulf War against the invading Iraqi forces of Saddam Hussein. The 2 gentlemen in the middle, flew B-17 Flying Fortresses over Germany during WWII, & piloted the first Special Forces gliders to land in enemy territory on D-Day.

Today, “Duke” Simmons is the President & CEO of one of the Gulf South’s most successful industrial maintenance companies, Midsouth Business Systems of Gulfport, MS. He is a staunch advocate of all veteran causes & charitable endeavors for children of Wounded Warriors. Summer of 2009, he chose to honor & support our mission, & contributed a substantial future endowment to ensure it’s success.

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